Norfolk State University Marching Band 2019 Ready or Not

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Youtube Channel, Mike WORLD, posts a video from 2019 of Norfolk State University’s Marching Band performing “Ready or Not” by After 7. As seen in this video, the marching band is usually accompanied by Spartan Guards/flags. NSU’s marching band also known as the Spartan Legion was founded in 1975 and continues to make a name for themselves nationwide.

Several years ago, the band was chosen to perform for former president, Barack Obama’s Presidential Campaign rally in Norfolk, Virginia. Additionally, Spartan Legion was voted the 2019 and 2020 HBCU Sports Band of the Year. Norfolk State was founded in 1935 and is a four-year public HBCU located in Norfolk, Virginia. Though, it was not always its own institution. The university was initially founded as Norfolk State Unit, a branch of Virginia Union University.

It was later adopted apart of Virginia State College until 1969, where it was named Norfolk State College. Finally, in 1979 after being granted university status, the name was changed to Norfolk State University. NSU is one of five HBCU’s in Virginia along with well-known schools such as Hampton University and Virginia State University. Its teams are members of the NCAA Division I FCS in the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference (MEAC).

Their school colors are green, gold, and grey and their mascot is the Spartan. The 134-acre university offers 36 undergraduate, 15 master’s, and two doctoral degrees. They are the only university in Virginia that offers an undergraduate degree in Optical Engineering. With under 6,000 students, NSU is committed to promoting a successful learning environment where students can thrive academically every year.


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