Are HBCUs Real Life? The Black College Club presented by HBCU Life TV Ep. 1

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Welcome to The Black College Club! The Black College Club presented by HBCU Life TV is a show highlighting trending topics surrounding HBCUs and the experience of African American students at predominantly white institutions. This platform offers a comparative perspective for students that attend both types of universities and how it has shaped their view of the world today.

Hosts, Montana Branch and Trevon Holloway, discuss recent trends in the media and also denounce the common stereotypes that historically black colleges and universities face in society. All episodes can be found on the PlayMaker Network Channel under the “HBCU Life TV” playlist on Youtube. Montana, originally from the Bay Area, is a senior Communications major at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, CA. Her experiences at a PWI sheds light on the differences between institutions and ultimately what led her to choose her route. Trevon is a recent graduate from Prairie View A&M University, receiving his bachelor’s in Criminal Justice. Originally from Long Beach, CA, Trevon represents the modern HBCU student. His expertise on the HBCU experience helps guide the conversation and why choosing black colleges is the best option for perspective students.

The first episode of this series “Are HBCUs Real Life?” addresses the common stereotype that historically black colleges and universities do not prepare students for real life. The hosts reflect back on what initially drove them to pick the school of their choice and the influencing power of these factors. Additionally, members of Divine Nine (D9) organizations are shown participating in recent Tik Tok challenges along with reactions to AKA soror, Kamala Harris, becoming Vice-President Elect. Tune in now!


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