Do You Attend Zoom University? The Black College Club Presented by HBCU Life TV Ep. 2

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Welcome back to the Black College Club! Are you currently attending “Zoom University?” If so, this is the right episode for you! On episode two, hosts Montana Branch and Trevon Holloway, discuss their current opinions about attending classes online.

Due to COVID-19, institutions across the country were forced to shut down and host classes virtually through the platform, Zoom. While some students may prefer this type of learning, many students have also struggled with the virtual format of classes experiencing fatigue, lack of motivation, and extra responsibilities for each class.

Holloway touches on the time zone difference at Prairie View A&M University and at times it can be super challenging to wake up for class on time. With that being said, one experience that does not compare with the online experience is HBCU Homecoming. Last fall, a virtual homecoming was hosted on Youtube and included special performances from artists along with performances from HBCU bands. Recently, the D9 orgs have been showing out on the Tik Tok challenges!

This episode features the “Wipe Me Down” challenge where one wipes a mirror and transforms into their best selves! D9 members changed into their specific sorority/fraternity gear and showed out! On The College Gradebook segment, we had the opportunity to interview Morehouse alum and current Sales Executive at Salesforce, Brandon Young. Young graded various aspects of Morehouse such as The Yard, the fashion, band experience, sports, and the food.

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