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In a youtube video titled, “Should Black Athletes Pick HBCU’s Over Other Universities” posted by PaqOwtProductions, Albany State alum and member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity discusses the common misconceptions about HBCU’s and why Black athletes should consider HBCU’s amongst other big universities. He starts off the video talking about how there are many Division I HBCU’s and how this is overlooked quite often. Additionally, he brings up how many black athletes are viewed only as revenue rather than human beings at power five schools. Yet, athletes attending HBCU’s are treated respectfully year-round not just during season. Lastly, he comments on how coaches at power five schools are not speaking up against the injustices taking place in the Black community and how black student athletes need to take this into consideration before joining their program.

Albany State University is a public HBCU in Albany, Georgia. Originally founded as the Albany Bible and Manual Training Institute in 1903, the name was finally changed to Albany State University in 1996. During the early 1960s, the institution had a pivotal role in the Civil Rights Movement where many students and Black organizations came together to form the Albany Movement. This resulted in over 1,000 black protesters being arrested including students from Albany State.

Since the beginning of its existence, Albany State has undoubtedly been a part of significant history. First Black woman to win an Olympic gold medal, Alice Coachman, graduated from the university in 1949. Also, in 2017, Albany State acquired Darton College, making Albany State the largest HBCU in Georgia.



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