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Youtube Channel, Kamaria McEvoy, recently uploaded a video why people should choose historically black colleges and universities over any other institution for undergrad. In her video, McEvoy mentions that she only applied to HBCUs and gives her top five reasons for deciding to attend Xavier University. Her number one reason for choosing HBCUs is because they give out a numerous amount of scholarships and programs to support students. Secondly, she highlights the alumni connections and the endless connections that can be made through networking. Her next reason for deciding is the black community that is present on campus, followed by the small staff to student ratio as a benefit of HBCUs small size. Lastly, McEvoy states how students have a variety of undergrad programs to choose from and can ultimately receive a quality education from these schools.

Xavier University of Louisiana is a private historically black Catholic university in New Orleans, Louisiana. It is the second Catholic university and only Catholic HBCU to be founded by a saint. Despite it being a black Catholic college, 25.1% of its students are non African-American and 74.3% are not Catholic. Additionally, Xavier does not offer engineering programs, however, they have many partnerships with engineering institutions such as Tulane University, Louisiana State University, University of Notre Dame, and more. Xavier University alumni attend medical school and graduate with baccalaureate degrees in the biological sciences and physical science department more than any other African-American alumni of any other college in the U.S.

Xavier’s athletic teams, known as the Gold Rush (mens) and Gold Nuggets (womens), are currently members of the Gulf Coast Athletic Conference in the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA).


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